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How It Works


Reimbursify’s smart dashboard manages your claims, helping you to make new claims, and keep track of pending reimbursements.

Intelligent Reminders

Stay up to date on the status of your reimbursement claims with helpful notifications and reminders.


Clone Claims

Save time by cloning claims for your recurring appointments. Make a copy of a previously filed claim with just one tap.

File for the Whole Family

With Reimbursify, you can file reimbursement claims for your whole family all from one convenient place, keeping things simple and organized.


Reimbursify Claim Engine

Built on our decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Reimbursify’s proprietary claim-filing process ensures efficient submissions that get reimbursed fast.

Reimbursify works for any out-of-network office visit, with any doctor, practitioner, therapist or specialist, and with any insurance company.

Rejection Resolution Pathway

If your claim is rejected by your insurance company, Reimbursify’s expert system comes to the rescue. Our team of industry savvy professionals have identified the most common reasons that claims get rejected and we’ve embedded the pathway to resolution right into the app!

And there is never any additional charge if you need to resubmit an updated claim for the visit.

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