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Depression Treatment

Searching for Depression Treatment in Davenport or Iowa City, IA?

Depression can significantly impact your overall sense of health and well-being. 

The team at Midwest Ketafusion®️ offers compassionate care and revolutionary ketamine treatments in Davenport, IA, and Iowa City, IA, to those who have difficult-to-treat depression. 

Using specialized treatment plans, they seek to relieve your depression symptoms and get you on your way to feeling better. 

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Fast-acting Relief

Depression can have debilitating effects on the quality of life for both individuals and their families.

A single IV dose of ketamine can alleviate depression symptoms in hours rather than weeks; producing antidepressant effects in up to 72% of patients.

Even with those suffering from the most severe forms of treatment-resistant depression (TRD), ketamine infusions not only work, but they work fast.

Evidence-Based Approach

Using an evidenced-based practice (EBP) approach while integrating our clinical expertise, we aim to offer our patients hope and fast relief from even the most severe forms of depression. 

Ample clinical studies have shown ketamine infusions are not only effective in TRD, but are also the first and only rapid acting treatment available on the market. Studies have shown a series of low dose Ketamine infusions offer quick results while also providing a decrease in depressive symptoms for up to three months. 

Patients can even experience a full remission in treatment-resistant unipolar or bipolar depression within 1 to 2 hours.

The fast relief from depression proven by ketamine is significant. Traditional antidepressant medications can average between 8-10 weeks before any sign of relief is shown.

Using an evidence-based practice (EBP) approach, we will integrate our clinical expertise, patient values, and the best research evidence to date to form your personal plan of care.

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