Liz R

This is the longest review I’ve ever written but felt it was essential to give the reasons behind my FIVE STAR’S considering the medical services offered here. In a nutshell, I wouldn’t trust any other clinic to administer a hallucinogenic to my teenager or myself. They simply put the patient first.

My first experience with Midwest Ketafusion was as the driver and moral support for my friend who was getting Ketamine Infusion Therapy (KIT) in hopes of relieving her treatment-resistant depression. I was impressed with the level of care and empathy the team here gave her. They never rushed the infusions or increased the dosing too quickly. They were always present to administer anxiety, pain, or nausea meds as needed. Ketamine’s effects can be scary for some people, the staff here seemed intent on not letting any patient have a bad experience.

When my teenage son and I decided to try KIT to relieve his depression & social anxiety and my depression & fibromyalgia pain, I still researched my options. We chose Midwest Ketafusion, a two-hour drive away, over a local ketamine clinic because the team at Midwest Ketafusion made it clear their number one concern was the safety and comfort of their patients both during and after the infusions.

Since ketamine affects everyone so differently, I was concerned with us having a bad experience. I’d read a lot of horror stories online about ‘bad trips’ from ketamine, I was really concerned about how it’d affect us. For chronic pain management, some of my infusions would be FOUR hours, that seemed like a lot of time for things to go sideways.

I kept returning to how the medical team here cared for my friend, who was more sensitive to the ketamine. I watched them sit and hold her hand while talking her through any feelings of being confused, overwhelmed, or frightened. They immediately took action to reduce any bad experiences by either slowing her infusion, adding pain, nausea, and/or anxiety meds.

My son and I both had great experiences (my son put his earphones in and slept through all of his). Our depressive symptoms appear to be mostly if not completely gone! My fibromyalgia pain continues to be nonexistent, it’s such a foreign feeling to NOT be in pain. I’ve been able to enjoy a much more active and healthy lifestyle, and I’m doing the things I love to do again.

If you’ve tried ketamine before and had a bad experience, I urge you to speak to the team here.

If you’re unsure about trying ketamine, I urge you to speak to the team here.

If you’re going to get ketamine infusions to help relieve depression, PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, or what have you, I urge you to speak to the team here.

I don’t often give glowing reviews and even I feel like this one is over the top, but I’ve been very disappointed by a LOT of medical providers over the years. This is not one of them.

These guys are saving lives, and I could not be more thankful.

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