Joshua T

I’m writing this on for my wife. My wife had suffered a traumatic experience in college, that effected her in a way where she went to a therapist and got medication but it didn’t work. It worked but it made her feel blah….and not happy nor sad just not right. She got off the meds and decided to “get over this” depression and PTSD on her own. After 17 years of trying to deal with it, she had had enough. She had suicidal thoughts, rage with our child, and thought about going back to the meds. Well, we saw online about Midwest Ketafusion and thought ” this sounds too good to be true”. After much research on own (Mr google) and talking to Michael he had laid it out for us to understand what would be taking place. Still we were skeptics, and we really didn’t think it would help but, we decided to “bite the bullet” and go all in. They told us it would take 6 treatments. They had my wife take a survey at the beginning to make it her base line and then after every treatment to see how she was doing. My wife started to see results!! I saw results!!! The depression thoughts, the suicidal thoughts, being more happy all came back. She felt a difference in her attitude and way of life. I’m a guy that does his research before taking on such a big thing like a Ketafusion treatment, especially on my wife but the change is undeniable. I want to personally thank Michael and Charley for opening this clinic, Its people like us who have exhausted all options and need something that will in a sense “hit refresh on the brain”. Give them a chance!!! Of course there is NO guarantee that it’ll work for everyone, but for my wife, it has certainly worked for her.

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